For over 20 years, Adam has been working in political media, mastering the art of persuasive communications with the goal of creating social change. He has built a reputation as a creative thinker with a talent for strategy, an ear for language, and an ability to bring out the best in those around him. 

For his entire career, Adam has been an entrepreneur, both in practice and spirit. After creating a production position for himself at the pre-eminent Democratic firm, Shrum Devine Donilon, he became determined to learn more about the art of filmmaking, so he attended NYU graduate film school (he has an MFA somewhere in his office).  After film school, he returned to Washington, DC to ply his craft and try to create some social good.  He worked at Shrum Devine Donilon for three more years before leaving to start his own production company. Eventually, he founded and ran his own political consulting firm, RSH Campaigns. 

Over the years, Adam has been dedicated to the science, art, and craft of developing campaigns that move people and promote positive social change. As a strategist and a storyteller, he knows that understanding your audience’s story is just as important as knowing your client’s; empathy is just as important as analytics; and creating a strategy that is on-emotion is more effective than one that is only on-message.

He has worked and consulted for clients big and small. He has made ads for the US Presidential campaign Kerry for President and Sanders for President and developed the strategy for Prime Minister’s races in three continents. He has produced commercials for more than a dozen Senate races including for Jack Reed and Bernie Sanders. He has strategized, written speeches, and directed ads for countless campaigns for Congress andlocal elections across half the states. He has also worked for diverse corporate, issue and non-profit clients, from SEIU to the Sierra Club to the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA).

Adam has won several awards for his work, including Pollies, a Communicator, Tellys, and even an International Labor Communications Association award. His ad in 2014 for Brett Smiley for Mayor received national attention in publications including Slate Magazine, The Washington Post and the Daily Kos, with pundits calling it “very creative”, “a text book example”, and “one of the most unique we’ve seen in years…” It won awards for best ad, best use of humor, best copywriting & best directing. 

Adam’s parents were acting teachers Lee Strasberg and Anna Strasberg. He grew up in world of actors, theatre and books — lots of books. He attended Brown University and fell into politics, working for Geraldine Ferraro’s US Senate Campaign in 1991-1992. 

Adam lives in Washington, DC around the corner from Ben’s Chili Bowl with his awesome wife, Nora, two energetic boys, Owen and Asher, and their sweet dog, Blue. He really misses New York bagels. Adam is a life-long learner, so if you’re looking for a good book recommendation, he’s probably the right person to talk to.