Blah, blah, blah Brad Ellsworth up with his first ad.  Ok, here's my issues:

1. The guy is a Congressman, and he talks about Washington like he's never seen the Capitol.  He works there.  It just seems disingenuous.  

2. I like that he says "bull," and it's a nice segue to the fact he was a sheriff for 25 years (doesn't say he is a Congressman), but if I have to hear the same tired lines about Washington, again and again this cycle it's gonna make me vomit. 

Look cliche is fine, you have 30 seconds to get across a lot -- heck that's why they filmed in a broken down factory (interesting location by the way), and cliche is a great shortcut, but as Boris would say, "Guys check yourself." When you find yourself slipping into cliche whether visually or in your script, you have to pause and ask yourself, is there another way to show or say this? Can I do something surprising or new here? Sometimes the answer is yes, that's when something cool usually happens. 

Sometimes the answer is no. That's when you get an ad like this one with the same old blah, blah, blah.