Whatever works...?

A quick post: Crossroads GPS is up with a new ad today attacking Elizabeth Warren who has moved to an early lead against incumbent Scott Brown. [youtube=http://youtu.be/78NZk1o8nr0]

I like the graphics and the look of this ad. I do find the V/O a little snarky especially the "Tell professor Warren...." at the end. In a vacuum, I think trying to muddy the waters on Warren's anti-wall street credentials is smart if dangerous play -- dangerous because I'm not sure you can get voter's to believe it, as it goes against the story they hold in their heads and the facts.

But that discussion is moot in the face of the real issue with this ad: it's totally intellectually dishonest.  Forget the facts for the moment, just a few weeks ago, they were attacking Warren for being the intellectual foundation of Occupy Wall Street, now they're saying she's in league with Wall Street? Just how dumb does Crossroads believe voters are?  I really find this approach insulting and an affront to political advertising. It's one thing to shift your message, as the winds of the electorate swirl, but this ad isn't a shift, it's a complete u-turn from what they were saying in their previous ad.

Crossroads obviously thinks they can manipulate voters into believing whatever they see on TV, and they're going to say anything to win, what ever works right? Wrong. It's a cynical ploy to play on voters anger, and it's just wrong and immoral. It's not the only reason Americans hate politics and politicians, but this is as good as reason as any.