Another Health Care Ad

Just yesterday I reviewed a health care ad, and it seems like they're popping up all over the place now. I dubbed the ad yesterday, "Illness," the best one I had seen to date (even though I graded it an F). This one from Health Care for America Now, "Fighter," is pretty good and a lot more authentic.


It's simple and clean, and it tells a story. I like that they don't feel the need to make the woman read to camera. Her voice over might be a little flat but because you can't see her, I think it works.

It's still her voice, telling her story, but it's more compelling using b-roll of her and the neighborhood, instead of her looking straight into camera. Reading into camera is tough for professionals to do and look good, if you're not experienced with it, it looks awkward and less authentic.

Instead we feel like you know her better, we see her in her environment, and her read works. The ad feels honest and truthful.

I love the line at the end, "fine, I'll take you both on." It's compelling and determined -- it's inspiring. They've created a vicarious connection between the woman in the ad and the audience -- I feel like a fighter after watching it.

I wish they could have figured out a better end than the typical tell Congressman Cantor, blah, blah. Maybe just come up with the end card sans the "Tell Congressman Cantor" audio.

The goal of the ad is small, to put some pressure on Cantor and whoever else is targeted. But I think it's pretty darn effective. Good job.